Athens, OH
February 21 - February 23, 2011

Baker University Center
Ohio University

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Monday 2/21

10:00am: Flyover of Baker - Ohio Air National Guard (Tentative)
10:10am: Have people sit - George Ondick
10:12am: Invocation - State Chaplin
10:14am: Post Colors - OU ROTC
10:17am: National Anthem - Singing Men of Ohio
10:20am: Welcome/Introduction of Bill Nolter - George Ondick
10:23am: Welcome from the State AMVets - Bill Nolter
10:30am: Introduction of Dr. Kent Smith - George Ondick
10:32am: Welcome from the University/Intro of Keynote - Dr. Kent Smith
10:40am: Keynote Speaker - COL Todd Mayer
10:55am: Thank you to Keynote Speaker - George Ondick
10:57am: Place Wreath at Wall - Dr. Kent Smith/Roy
11:00am: Thank Everyone for coming give info about the Wall - George Ondick
11:05am: Benediction - State Chaplin
11:07am-11:15am: Music as people leave - Singing Men of Ohio

Tuesday 2/22

7:00pm: Welcome
7:05pm: Invocation - Local Minister
7:07pm: Post Colors - Local Boy Scout Troop 71
7:10pm: National Anthem - Erin Glasier
7:12pm: Recognition of Special Guests/Introduction of Keynote Speaker
7:15pm: Keynote Speaker - COL Thomas Mo (Tentative)
7:30pm: Thank you to Keynote Speaker/Introduction of Local Commanders
7:35pm: Local Commanders talk about their post - Roy Smith and company
7:45pm: Thank you to Local Commanders and introduction of weather laying
7:47pm: Place Wreath at Wall - Billy Butcher, Bob Mathews
7:50pm: Thank Everyone for coming give info about the Wall
7:53pm: Benediction - Local Minister
7:55pm: Music as people leave
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